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To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” Abraham Lincoln

Save a Rupee Spread a Smile (SARSAS) is a charitable organisation that believe in the joy of giving. We help the poor and needy to build a better life and evolve out of privation. We ensure our best service on improving education, health and hygiene, food and nutrition,etc in our society. In a nation where more than 20% of the population is below the poverty line, we believe our little service could create small differences. We are fuelled by ardent passion to create a better society and we work to ensure sustainable holistic development at every forte that we touch upon.

  • Our model is built around mentorship

  • We create network

  • We bring in experts to teach the real building blocks

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Qatar Airways has been associating with SARSAS for the past 3 years in sponsoring their annual marathon event called Trivandrun which garners financial help for the underprivileged. The enthusiasm, spirit and the humane thinking of the group which runs this NGO is very infectious and have seen tremendous effort being put in by them over the years to make this event a huge success..Another thing I have noticed is the major difference in the way things are handled with more maturity and planning and focus with each passing year in organising this event.I wish there were more and more youngsters with this kind of mindset which instills hope in our minds and joy in our hearts.

Lakshmi Anilkumar
Lakshmi AnilkumarCommercial Manager-Qatar Airways

Hats off to the master who told experience is the best teacher. As a youngster, stepping out of my teens, I was in dire need of some experiential learning to infuse the right perspective in life. SARSAS happened at that time, exposing me to people of different strata and lives and giving me the learning of a lifetime. I became emotionally attached to the work, witnessing the real challenges in the society and contributing my one cent. I feel every youngster should go through such an experience. It is education for life

Shruthi Ramesh
Shruthi RameshSoftware Developer-Capgemini

My experience in the social strata largely revolves around SARSAS, which was the stepping stone for my entry into the Teach for India fellowship. So for those who want to join SARSAS and  if you are willing to give 100% to it, i assure it certainly can give you worth a lifetime.

Govind Raghu
Govind RaghuFellow-Teach for India

All those moments; when the students in NISH thanked me for teaching them, when an old man held my hand for donating blood to his little angel, when the inhibited giggles of kottor girls surrounded me and many such small happiness that touched my heart beyond anything I'd ever felt, has made me passionate towards what I was doing and taught me to see life in a different perspective. Thanks to SARSAS.

Sree Dev
Sree DevConsultant - Mobile and wearable apps

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